Thank you card from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

In my other role as owner of a small business called Chiggs, I make cards we call Baby Feed Wheels- they are ‘new baby’ congratulation cards with numbered time dials that new parents can use to help keep a track of their baby’s feed times. So, given our excitement here at the ‘A Royal Baby Blog’ about the birth of Prince George, it was an obvious present to send to the new Royal parents!

The day after the birth of Prince George we wrote a ‘Congratulations’ message on the “to” and “from” sections on the back of a blue baby feed wheel, and popped it in the post to Clarence House, sending love from our family to the new Royal family!




We were surprised and absolutely delighted when, last week, we received a very exciting looking envelope through the post with a Buckingham Palace post mark! Inside was a postcard with a beautiful picture of Catherine, William and baby George on the steps of the hospital, and on the reverse was a printed thank you message.



Here at A Royal Baby blog, we think that this is such a wonderful gesture- a Kensington Palace spokesman said that everyone who sent a card and supplied a return address will receive a reply- we were certainly delighted with ours!






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