Royal baby name speculation

With the Duchess of Cambridge due to give birth to her second child any day now, once again speculation has turned to the subject of baby names.

There seems to be much more focus on baby girl names this time round, and in a recent a YouGov poll for The Sunday Times, ‘Diana’ has emerged as the most popular name if the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a girl. 12% of those polled think naming Royal Baby number 2 after her paternal grandmother, Diana, Princess of Wales, would be the best choice.

In survey of 2,200 adults, Alice and Charlotte were the next most popular options, with both names attracting the support of 9%.

Personally, I don’t think Diana will be considered as a first name by William and Catherine, although I think it will be high on the list of middle names for a girl. Given the sometimes troubled relationship between William’s parents, Princess Diana’s tragically early death, and Prince Charles’s subsequent remarriage to Camilla, the name may prove to be too controversial a choice.

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